As designers, I genuinely believe in the power we have to make lasting impact on people’s lives through our work - especially with good, inclusive design. Inspiration comes from everywhere and I seek to challenge myself in thinking across and bridging disciplines.

  • Working on UX design and UX writing by leveraging behavioral psychology principles with effective use of linguistics to provide better experiences for users inside digital products and interfaces.

  • Researching the use of language by users in online communities, particularly in business communication and negotiations to create a linguistics UX catalog for persuasive, delightful, friendly and customized user experiences.

  • Organized a 4 month long design competition for an AI based healthcare app at The University of Texas at Austin for over 100 Participants in collaboration with MIT. Provided design strategies, UI interfaces for communication and branding of the competition.

  • Participated in a team of 3 to build the design, conception and a VR walk-through presentation of a 15 mile Lake Front project, and a 250,000 square foot Secretariat complex for the State Government of Telangana, India.

  • Developed a business plan and contributed to setting up and raising funds through written, video and graphic content for an upcycling based startup in New Delhi.

  • Organized an International Design Competition with a team of 6, which had a response from 320 participants, 4000 attendees, and $3000 sponsorship from United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

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