1. Architect turned UX designer and writer

2. Graduate Student at The University of Texas at Austin

3. 7 years of designing physical and virtual experiences

To be able to simply create something - to given expression to an idea, emotion or a concept is one of the most powerful and empowering drives that a human being can have. This drive found expression as art, and little mechanical devices in me as a child. Early into my architecture education, I realized that while the heart of all creation is realizing one’s imagination, the core of all design is effective communication, and facilitation.


Design to me is deliberate creation - the free flow of the creative drive channelized into a specific direction, with a specific purpose, but while still retaining its ability to delight and bring a sense of wonder to the users. To further my skills and understanding, I am pursuing UX design in the MS in Information Studies course at the University of Texas at Austin. 


During my journey, I have founded a start-up, self published a book on Haiku Poetry, and built some beautiful things with some wonderful people.