UX Design, UX Research, UI Design

App to help teenagers better engage with reading non-fiction literature though interactive reading with a chatbot

Unity VR Development, UX Research, UX Design

Virtual Reality experience to travel through time and explore local history of the city of Austin, TX

UX Design, Product Management

Product Canvas to analyze and improve upon Evernote's functionality, flow and Information Architecture from a business standpoint. 

UX Research, UX Design, User Testing

A 7 day Design Challenge to design a complete digital experience from research to testing based on a prompt

UX Design, UX Research, AWS, Web Development, Python, Linguistics Psychology

Web based application for giving users research-backed feedback on their speech and use of words in real time

UX Design, UX Research, Branding, UI Design

Mobile experience to track food and grocery shopping, consumption and waste. 

UX Design, UX Research, UI Design, User Testing

Rapid prototyping of design challenges, each one done in a span of one week. (in progress)

UI Design, Prototyping, Mockups

Building UIs straight for a 100 days! (in progress)




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